The World Wide Cricket Ball Solution

The Platypus 'Googly' cricket ballOver the last decade the most common world wide complaint from clubs, cricket associations and leagues from all over the world is undoubtedly the cost and availability of quality cricket balls. This is especially so for the many cricket leagues which are based in non traditional cricket playing nations where playing costs are a serious impediment to the games expansion.

At Middlepeg we have been working on a genuine solution to this dilemma and we are now very pleased to announce our revolutionary World Wide Cricket Ball Solution.

This Cricket Ball program has been especially established for clubs, leagues and national associations around the world so as to efficiently and cost effectively supply what are one of the best quality Australian made, high quality leather cricket balls at prices which are unbelievably low.

Prior to Middlepegs World Wide Cricket Ball Solution one had to either buy rock hard 'concrete type leather' cricket balls or spend valuable funds on expensive good quality cricket balls. Given that clubs and associations often run on tight budgets, poor quality balls are unfortunately often bought to save costs. This is indeed unfortunate as without question the leading cause of bat damage today comes through the use of poor quality rock hard cricket balls that pound, dent and often snap English willow cricket bats which are only designed for use against good quality cork and wool bound leather cricket balls. The choice of poor quality balls only accordingly results in costly and unnecessary equipment damage.

Our World Wide Cricket Ball Solution is based around the superb products made by one of Australia's longest established (1930's) and most specialised cricket ball craftspeople at Platypus Australia. Platypus Cricket Balls have been and are used around the world in many Official First Class International Cricketing Associations and fixtures. Being totally and 100% handmade and hand stitched here in Australia, only the finest leather and materials are used in all Platypus cricket balls.

Best of all and as a part of Middlepegs Official ICC Subsidy Program the pricing of Platypus balls through our Cricket Ball Solution is unheard of and actually beats the pricing of many current poor quality balls. Middlepeg is quite categorical in our quest to finally offer a truly world wide solution to obtaining the best quality Australian hand made cricket balls at the best pricing you will ever see.

We accordingly welcome contact from teams, clubs, leagues and cricket associations all over the world with regards to our World Wide Cricket Ball Solution. With Middlepegs extensive global distribution and shipping network delivery only takes 2 to 4 days no matter where you are in the world and even better yet our Cricket Ball shipping is also subsidised through our Subsidy Program.

Be it 4 piece balls for turf wickets or 2 piece balls for artificial turf these are simply the finest cricket balls in cricket…there is nothing like the sound of good quality leather cricket balls on willow. With clubs in Europe, the Americas and more now utilising our Cricket Ball Solution many cant believe such high quality balls are available for under US$10 per ball - including DELIVERY!

To enquire about our World Wide Cricket Ball Solution simply email us at

We look forward to helping your club, league or association solve their cricket ball dilemma once and for all.

Platypus Cricket Balls

   Two Piece Balls     Four Piece Balls     Junior & Softaballs      Delivery

Two Piece Balls - for use on all Artificial & Turf surfaces

Platypus Googly Longlife  -  the ultimate two piece ball 

The Platypus Googly Longlife is the highest quality two piece cricket ball. Only the best alumin tanned cowhide is used. The centre of the Platypus Googly Longlife is made of a wool/polyester blend bound under tension around a cork and rubber composition core. All Platypus Cricket Balls are HAND stitched with approximately 55 stitches of bonded polyester thread. To ensure the longest of cricket ball life the ball is then finished with TWO coats of scuff resistant nitrocellulose lacquer. Also available in white.

       The Platypus 'Googly' cricket ball        


Platypus Googly Longlife

US$ 17 per ball
Euro € 15 per ball


Platypus Club Special  -  superb value

An excellent value 2 Piece ball Match ball. Suitable for use on all playing surfaces. Available in both 156gm and 142gm. These are available in Red, Orange and a combination Red & Yellow for training purposes.


Platypus Club Special

US$ 15 per ball
Euro € 13 per ball

The Platypus 'Club Special' cricket ball


Platypus Gem  -  match & practice ball

The Platypus Gem is a 2 piece ball, made especially for senior practice and club and league cricket matches. Suitable for use on all artificial surfaces. Available in both 156gm & 142gm. Also in Yellow leather.

        The Platypus 'Gem' cricket ball        


Platypus Gem

US$ 12 per ball
Euro € 11 per ball


Four Piece Balls - for use on Turf surfaces

Platypus Diamond  -  quality & value 

A 4 piece hand made ball, made especially for grade cricket where cost saving is important. A ball suited for senior cricket training, with the same superb finish as all Platypus 4 piece balls.


Platypus Diamond

US$ 17 per ball
Euro € 15 per ball

The Platypus 'Diamond' cricket ball


Platypus Match/Special Turf  -  superbly hand made 4 piece balls 

The Platypus Match and Platypus Special Turf range are high quality four piece cricket balls. Only the best alumin tanned cowhide is cut into quarter seams to comprise the covers. The centre of the Special Turf is made with three layers of Portuguese cork separated by layers of a wool/polyester blend wound under tension around a cork and rubber composition core. The Platypus Match is used exclusively by the VTCA, the largest all-turf suburban competition in Australia. The Special Turf is also approved by the V.C.A., N.S.W.C.A., S.A.C.A., W.A.C.A. and the Q.C.A.

The Platypus 'Match' cricket ball The Platypus 'Special Turf' cricket ball   

 Platypus Match
 Platypus Special Turf

 US$ 28 per ball
 Euro € 26 per ball

Please contact us for more details on four piece turf balls at


Junior & Softaballs

Platypus Plyaball

Soft type PVC cricket ball suitable for junior and social cricket. Excellent way to introduce beginners and the young to the game of cricket. Comes in a bright red and yellow colour in weights of 130 grams and 110 grams.


Platypus Plyaball  

US$ 7 per ball
Euro € 6 per ball

The Platypus 'Plyaball' cricket ball The Platypus 'Plyaball' cricket ball


Platypus Comet

PVC outer coating ball offers an excellent alternative to leather cricket balls for everyday practice in the nets. Made with full cork and rubber core and comes embossed. Available in Red, Red & White combination and also a super bright fluorescent orange. In weights of 156 grams and also 142 grams

The Platypus 'Comet' cricket ball The Platypus 'Comet' cricket ball The Platypus 'Comet' cricket ball

Platypus Comet

US$ 7 per ball
Euro € 6 per ball 


World Wide Express Delivery

As with all Middlepeg orders all cricket balls are dispatched using our Express Door to Door Courier Service which ensures you receive your Balls Order in only 2 to 4 days no matter where you are in the world. Best of all utilising our Subsidy Program cricket ball orders can be sent all over the world for under a Dollar per ball.

Ordering Cricket Balls

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