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The Cricket Shoe Revolution 

There are certainly no shortage of "supposed" cricket shoes in the world today. Some of these range from being 'ok' to some being so bad we cannot believe they are even allowed to be sold.

Middlepeg has over the past 2 years obtained every specialised cricket shoe from all the big manufacturers and we have subjected them all to exhaustive and real life actual test programs. In addition to our test program Middlepeg has also collected data and research from specialised footwear studies some of which were extremely scientific and thorough in their approach. Lastly and perhaps most importantly we wanted to hear from actual international Test cricketers on their views about cricket footwear and what was needed in a shoe for the game of cricket.

It was our original intention to carry a few makes of cricket shoes but the result of our research was so categorical and clear cut that is was impossible for us to justify the inclusion of most other shoes. 

Given both the impact on performance and podiatry importance of using quality footwear during demanding sports Middlepeg is delighted to bring you what many say are the best cricket shoes in the world - Asics Cricket Footwear. As always, Middlepeg is also proud to bring you Asics cricket shoes at the best prices anywhere!

Asics Cricket Shoes are now universally accepted as leading the world in cricket shoe design and technology. There are 4 shoes in the Asics range of cricket footwear covering all aspects of the modern game for bowling, batting and fielding on both turf and artificial pitches. Click here to read more about the Asics Cricket Shoe revolution.


Gel Coota

Asics fielded many requests for a shoe designed for hard wicket. After extensive research, the Gel Coota was conceived. The result, a shoe that does the job brilliantly, without breaking the budget. With features like compression moulded E.V.A midsole and Asics famous Gel in the rearfoot, the Gel Coota represents great value for the recreational player.

Colour: White/Navy

Sizes 6, ˝ sizes to 12, 13

Only $89 Aud

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Asics Gel Coota Cricket Shoes


Asics Gel Bowral Cricket Shoes

Gel Bowral

The Gel Bowral is the long awaited Asics cricket shoe. This shoe has taken many hours of extensive research and development in Australia and overseas. Working with Professional Cricketers here in Australia this shoe, purposely built for cricket, challenged many issues never addressed before in a cricket shoe. Sports Medicine Australia researchers worked in cohesion with the Australian Professional Cricketers to build a lightweight, flexible and highly cushioned cricket shoe. The Gel Bowral is also an ideal alternative golf shoe.

Colour: White/Navy/Silver  

Sizes: 6, ˝ sizes to 12, 13, 14, 15

Only $135 Aud


Gel 7-For

In the past Cricketers had few options when it came to footwear suited to the rigours of fast bowling. Now there is another option, the Gel 7-for… Working in conjunction with the Australian Cricket Academy, Asics has developed the Gel 7-for… the long awaited, high-cut, super supportive cricket boot! Utilising the same technology found in the incredibly successful Gel Bowral, Asics are excited with the final results, you will be too!

Sizes: 7, ˝ sizes to 12, 13, 14, 15 

Only $147 Aud

Click here for details on the "7-for" Club


Asics 7-For Cricket Shoes


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Gel 100 Not Out

Asics 100 Not Out Cricket Shoes What many elite cricketers are calling the ultimate cricket shoe. Months of extensive work with podiatrists and top level cricketers has led to the development of the Gel 100 Not Out. The concept was to make a shoe with a faster image, more like a running shoe, with flexibility, performance and comfort that Asics is world famous for. When designing specific shoes, it is important that they be tested thoroughly under match conditions. Elite cricketers around the country have tested the Gel 100 Not Out and all reports have been extremely positive. An awesome design that has created huge interest with many features never before seen in a cricket shoe. 

Sizes: 7, ˝ sizes to 12, 13, 14, 15 

Only $149 Aud



Middlepeg sends Asics cricket shoes all around the world. Australia wide delivery is 2 to 3 days whilst World Wide delivery is 5 to 7 days.

Australia Wide Postage     Only $9 (Australian Dollars)

Worldwide Postage           Only US $25

When ordering Asics cricket shoes please be sure to clearly request your chosen size and model.

As always, if you have any questions regarding Sizing or anything else with Middlepegs line of Asics cricket shoes please do not hesitate to let us know.



The Cricket Shoe Revolution

In 1996 Asics released the first purpose - built Australian Rules Football boot, the Gel Lethal. This boot was an instant success, with players recognizing it offered superior performance, comfort and protection from injury. The Gel Lethal remains the industry standard. Taking the lessons learnt from the football boot project, Asics has turned its attention to that other great Australian sporting pastime - cricket.

Applying the same uncompromising principles of performance, comfort and injury prevention to cricket boot design represents a significant challenge. Like football boots, cricket boot design has remained unchanged for many years. The traditional heavy leather soled shoe is still worn throughout Australia. This is perhaps the only remaining category of leather soled shoes in any sport, since we now understand that weight reduction, cushioning and stability are the keys to athletic shoe performance. With superior material technology, research and development, modern design parameters can now be applied to cricket.

Like the football shoe, Asics' new cricket shoe evolved from running shoe technology. But because no two sports have the same requirements, that's where the similarity stopped. And because there was so little biomechanical research on cricket, it was necessary to go back to the game and the players for advice.

Simon Bartold, one of Australia's leading sports podiatrists and a member of Sports Medicine Australia, studied over 100 hours of video to analyse the biomechanics of cricket fast bowlers. He also spent many hours talking with and testing shoe prototypes with fast bowlers at the Australian Institute of Sport Cricket Academy.

As a result of this research, the new features were concepted, tested, and finally, applied to the new and revolutionary asics cricket shoe range. Because cricket shoe design was so antiquated, some of the changes are just common sense things that we all come to expect in our everyday running shoe or cross trainer. That included things like reducing the overall weight, making sure the shoe flexes at the ball of your foot and not at the heel, making sure there is greater stability to avoid abnormal pronation or supination, and adding the asics Gel system to provide cushioning. None of these are new concepts in shoe design, but the asics cricket shoe is unique because it is the first cricket shoe that incorporates these basic principles.

Some of the revolutionary features of the shoes include: 

Rounded contours of the Sole
"Our research demonstrated that bowlers of all actions, tend to strike the ground with the foot at an angle. Because traditional cricket boots have very little shoe-sole contouring, this means the athlete lands on a virtual knife edge, and is literally on the edge of disaster. We looked at other sports with similar loads and actions, most notably Javelin throwing, and concluded that rounded contours at the point of contact may help to protect the athlete and improve performance" explained Bartold.

New spike patterns
" We spent many hours discussing this issue with players, and trialled many different patterns of spike placement." 

Use of synthetic Materials
Man-made leathers and other synthetic materials are so sophisticated these days, they offer advantages over natural materials in every regard. One of the most important advantages however is the fact that they offer huge reductions in the weight of the shoe. At a biomechanical level this is extremely important, since weight reduction relates directly to reduced force transmission through the limb. Synthetic materials also breathe better and offer improved durability. These are all features the player can immediately appreciate - a great leap forward in player comfort and protection.

Reinforced toe box
Let's face it, who likes having a cricket ball crushing down on their toes?

New Lacing System
"Everybody, not just sports people, tend to disregard the importance of lacing their shoes. But there are a lot of tendons across the top of the foot that are easily aggravated by poor or too tight lacing. Asics has developed an elliptical lacing system for the cricket shoe. This new system distributes the load across the top of the foot more evenly, and this helps to protect the delicate structures on the top of the foot and reduce the likelihood of injury to this area."

Asics cricket - revolution by design

Asics "7 for" Club

The Asics "7 for" Club provides recognition for elite club cricketers. You know only too well, how many hours, weeks, months and years it takes to perfect your bowling technique. You live for that day when everything goes just right. You're playing at your best and the gremlins that usually snatch away your dream of a personal best are away on the day! You pull it off! 7 for 56, but who will remember. Now, when you take 7 or more wickets in the one game, if you're wearing your Asics cricket shoes on the day, and why wouldn't you be!, you can send your details to Asics and they will enrol you in the elite Asics "7 for" Club. Applications are only valid on the entry form printed in "Inside Edge Magazine" and must be verified by your cricket club President. Asics will forward you a magnificent framed certificate signed by Jason Gillespie (international cricketer), detailing your name and score, complete with a collector pin showing the number of wickets you took. Furthermore, at the end of the cricket season Asics will release the "Honour Page" in "Inside Edge Magazine" featuring all Asics "7 for" Club members and their results from the season. Club entry starts at 7 wickets in one game and you can continue collecting pins up to the elusive "10 for" pin. But make sure you're wearing your Asics cricket shoes or you won't be eligible.